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Tedeschi Italia: Restaurant Downtown Ibiza

The Restaurant Downtown Ibiza is a very important project of Tedeschi Italia , designed by Michele Bonan in Florence .
It is set over two floors in the east wing of the Ibiza Gran Hotel, with stunning views of the harbour. The design of Downtown Ibiza is deeply rooted in tradition but at the same time immersed in modern sensibility, and brings to the island relaxed sophistication, luxury and timeless elegance.

The main floor features an indoor and outdoor restaurant . Tedeschi Italia has supplied the counter bar in fine parchment, with metal steel footrail and frame; Cipriani’s signature 3-legs glossy walnut tables, the stools in glossy walnut and polished steel footrail as well as the sofas and armchairs with Cipriani’s logo embroidered; the wood wall panels in glossy walnut, the traditional Cipriani’s service station in glossy walnut with polished steel frame, the cashier desk, and the iconic Cipriani’s clock behind the counter bar with polish steel structure and frame. We have also realized the iroko wood tables and the counter bar with stools in teak wood and polished steel footrail on the stunning terrace, as well as the outdoor tables in iroko wood.
This amazing Restaurant was completed in only 2 months .

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